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Hackers TOEFL Speaking Basic

Hackers TOEFL Basic Series
Product Details
  • · Author :
    David Cho
  • · Publisher :
    Hackers Language Research Institute
  • · Publication Date :
    August 1, 2019
  • · Language :
    English, Korean
  • · Level :
  • · Print Length :
    400 pages
  • · Size :
    188 x 257 (mm)
  • · Sales Performance :
    No. 1 Best Seller at Aladin > Foreign Language > TOEFL > Speaking (August, 2019)

Hackers TOEFL Speaking Basic is a TOEFL Speaking study guide for students aiming for a TOEFL score of 75 or higher. This book includes helpful lessons for improving general speaking skills, lists of handy English phrases, and detailed instructions on how to develop a high-scoring response for each TOEFL Speaking task.

Key Features:
An introduction to the TOEFL Speaking Section and helpful test-prep strategies
 Lessons on English pronunciation and grammar
 Instructions on how to develop a high-scoring response for each TOEFL Speaking task
 Useful English phrases for the TOEFL Speaking Section
 One TOEFL Speaking practice test
 Access to additional study materials online

About the Author

David Cho, who received a PhD in linguistics from the University of Southern California, developed the Hackers TOEFL Program while lecturing at the University of California, Los Angeles. Since then, he has authored many best-selling English test prep books, such as Hackers TOEFL Grammar, Hackers TOEFL Reading, and Hackers TOEFL Writing Intermediate.

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