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Hackers TOEIC Speaking Practice Tests

Product Details
  • · Author :
    Hackers Language Research Institute
  • · Publisher :
    Hackers Language Research Institute
  • · Publication Date :
    September 7, 2015
  • · Language :
    English, Korean
  • · Print Length :
    190 pages
  • · Size :
    189 x 258 (mm)
  • · Sales Performance :
    Best Seller at YES24 > Foreign Language > TOEIC S&W (January 2018)

Hackers TOEIC Speaking Practice Tests is a TOEIC Speaking practice test book for students who want to prepare by taking realistic practice tests. This book includes 10 realistic TOEIC Speaking practice tests that match the actual exam in terms of difficulty. It also includes model responses with detailed explanations.

Key Features:

∙ Effective question-answering strategies for all parts of the TOEIC Speaking Section

∙ Ten full-length TOEIC Speaking practice tests

∙ Sample responses with detailed explanations for all question types

∙ Useful English phrases for the TOEIC Speaking Section

∙ Access to additional study materials online (including two full-length practice tests)

About the Author

Hackers Language Research Institute publishes a wide range of books for students preparing for standardized English tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS. Its publications are consistently at the top of Korean bookstores’ best-seller lists.